Skyrimming Unity Scene-eries?

Finally!!  Getting back into creating levels and scenes.  It’s been way to long since the last time I created a level.  With all the work I’ve had to do with college, I just simply couldn’t find the time to get buried in creating a level.  So now that this trimester is wrapping up I decided to use some free time to try my hand at creating a unity scene.  Normally I work with the Unreal Engine as I started with UDK3 but with Unity 5 recently being made free and available to everyone I just had to tinker with it.  On top of this, I found some extra inspiration with Jabba Jack’s ‘Winter Road’ scene on Youtube.

Working with Unity is incredibly different to the Unreal Engine I’ve found.  Some of the differences I’ve noticed right off the bat is firstly that Unity is much easier to get into if your new to level or even game development.  There’s a much lower entry barrier to learning Unity’s systems, but at the same time even though Unity 5 has closed the gap, I still believe the Unreal Engine provides much better quality.  There seems to be greater depth to what you can do within the Unreal system than Unity 5.

Below is the process chain I went through to create the Winter Road scene.  Even though I used Jabba Jacks scene as a reference, some of the models he used I didn’t have so I decided to create a Winter Road scene that could be used in the Spintyres game for fun because imagination is awesome sauce.