3D Modelling: Character Design

Figuring out a character to build into 3D is a lot harder then I originally thought.  I’ve never created a character in 3D before so it’s great that I finally get to do one in this trimester’s 3D course but it’s not without it’s hurdles.  Thinking of a design for a Sci-Fi character, I’m bombarded by all these images of Star Wars troopers, Space Marine soldiers and Iron Man suits of armor.  As amazing as all these would be to make, I have a feeling i’m being a little ambitious with my first character model.  Nevertheless, try I will and if I can’t create my ambitions just yet, it should be more reasonable and logical to at least create parts of them, or maybe parts of parts.

So what I was thinking was to create a sci-fi model that had rustic properties, like a hooded cape or ragged clothing combined with a futuristic armored suit and accessories, much like the picture below.


 My biggest concern with this project is not knowing exactly what detail I should model and what detail I should leave to the texturing process.  The futuristic suit seems pretty straight forward until I have to place each panel in a way so that when I animate the character there’s no clipping issues and that all the pieces move realistically with the body volume.  This is compounded by the fact that I’m also going to have my first cloth attempt as well with the cape.

FaceClose  JointDesign


The style of armor plating is going to be a mix of streamlined, sleek and flowing curves with the bulky needs of utility in the form of thrusters and a forearm mounted info panel.

Helmet1 Helmet2

The helmet I’ve decided to do semi-exposed.  The reasons for this is firstly I want to get experience at texturing and unwrapping a face and also I would hopefully like to add some face rigging and animation if I have enough time.  The plating will suit the style of the suit but I will add an antenna and a futuristic vision device to cover the eyes which will add to the mood of the character while wearing the hood.

That’s pretty much it, I think to add any more at this stage would be unrealistic and too ambitious, if it isn’t already.  But my goal at the end of this project is not only to progress my knowledge of 3D but to also gain experience creating a character that I hope will have, well, character.