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Trimester Wrap Up

The end of any venture always seems so far away when your just starting but when it’s in it’s final phase it seems it happened so quick. ¬†And thus the end of the trimester is finally here and I thought it appropriate to compile a collage of all the work I committed to during the trimester into one blog post.




289,148 poly’s for the HI

3,242 poly’s for the LOW



What have I learned this trimester?

  • A great deal more processes ie. compositing, rigging, animation, modular assets
  • Reference is your friend
  • soft practice vs hard practice
  • Reality is often a bitter pill (expected skills vs actual skills, expected schedule vs actual schedule, expected product vs actual product)

What have I learned about my own practice during the trimester?

  • Group work pushes me harder
  • Not to push myself too hard
  • My biggest weakness is being disheartened by not living up to my own expectations.
  • Putting myself out there and thinking about my professional public portfolio is a double edged sword

What do I plan to improve upon next trimester?

  • My public image
  • Broadening my modelling expertise into environments