Have you ever wondered what life is like as a student undertaking a game development/3D arts degree?  How about the emotional states a fledgling artist goes through in their quest to achieve aesthetic greatness?? Well search no more because you’ve found the perfect site that satisfies your every aspiring creative need.

My name is Luke Jarrett and I’m an aspiring 3D artist/game developer undertaking a journey in the hopes of achieving my childhood dreams.  Ever since I was a boy I lost myself in pixelated worlds where fantasy was the norm and you were only limited by your imagination… and err, ummm maybe some pesky coding as well.  But I have always dreamed of bringing the imagination to life and enabling others to enjoy it too.  Like so many though, I didn’t originally follow my dreams and instead followed a path I believed would provide a secure future.  In the wake of the GFC I had a hard time finding a job that provided a livable income, and after many years of living paycheck to paycheck I decided it was time to make a change.  So here I am, detailing my progress as I achieve my dreams.

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