Obstacle Course – Blocking Iteration

Just a quick post about the feedback I received today on my block.  For the most part everyone loved it and said they could easily see Mr Bean in my character which is fantastic as that was my biggest concern. Adding onto my work, some of the constructive feedback was to add my character crossing the plank, add timing, and to also remove the camera overrun frames where animation repeats.

So with feedback in hand I’ve been working at it all night with the plank section taking up most of the time.  I did just enough key frames to communicate with the viewer what is actually going on in the scene but I didn’t add in any breakdowns due to a time constraint.

Next was timing which I was concerned about as it involved moving frames all over the place and I was expecting a massive failure to happen undoing all my work.  But fortunately this didn’t happen and it went without a hitch.  For most of the ‘casual’ elements I reduced the frame range to 10 with longer more weight heavy actions taking anywhere between 15-30 frames.  For the ‘quick’ elements like when the character has a panic attack and the fall scene I reduced the frame range to 5.  I found this conveys a more believable animation.

Lastly, finishing it off I added some more cameras to account for the plank scene, and easily rendered the footage to have no repeating frames.  Using the constructive feedback I received today I’ve certainly improved the effectiveness of the animation.


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