Character Concept

In order to create a character for media whether it be 2D or 3D, you must go through a rigorous conception phase that is generally undertaken by 2D artists.  Unfortunately however, I must say that in this particular case despite my agonizing kicking and screaming,  I had to concept my own character.  So the brief, me and my groupies have to create our own original character that follows the same style of a particular cartoon series that we chose, which in our case is Gravity Falls.  Starting with thumbnail sketches we would eventually arrive at an original 3D character that looks like its from the Gravity Falls universe.

Beginning with thumbnail sketches I originally wanted to create a spin off of one of the main characters called Gruncle Stan.  Adjusting his shapes I wanted to create a sleazier more mobster style of that character.Gravity Falls Character Thumbs

I know they ain’t pretty but I’m a 3D artist so get off me.  I played around with different body styles and poses to see if anything spoke to me.  I ended up pursuing the bottom left thumbnail and created a ‘Fat Tony’ adaptation of Gruncle Stan.  But it turned out most of my group also did adaptations of Gruncle Stan as well so I decided to explore some child concepts.

Gravity Falls Character Thumbnails 2

I started of with young males, but when I sketched a few girl silhouettes I knew instantly I wanted to pursue this.  After a few thumbs I settled on two ideas which were that of a country style nerd, or a deceptively innocent looking girl.  I chose the latter.  And with the concept finalized I began working on a model sheet.  My first iteration I was happy with, but after gaining feedback, there was so many things I overlooked that would make the design pop.

Gravity Falls Model Sheet

Some of the feedback I received was that her body needed to be more feminine as it was too boxy, the second was that her hair was a little boring and a little more shape could add a lot to the overall look.  Lastly the side perspective of her face didn’t resemble the style of Gravity Falls.  I’m not gonna lie, I completely overlooked all these tiny details thanks to my lack of 2D experience and skills, but they were right.  So I went back to the drawing board.

Gravity Falls Model Sheet 2

I’m a lot happier with this design and even though I can’t express the details on account of my 2D abilities these little touches definitely help communicate her character better.  So now with the model sheet done it’s now onto the modelling phase, where my 2D shortcomings will be compensated by.


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