Pirate’s Gold: Texturing

Having finished the unwrap of the treasure chest I began the texturing process and boy was there a lot to do!.  All up I think I’ve spent close to six hours texturing the chest, perhaps more.  But it certainly was fun and I learned a lot.  The art style of the chest is stylized with a lot of techniques being used in the colouring process like shadows and highlights.  To help me with texturing I invested in a drawing tablet, the Wacom Intuos Pro which is my first ever.  Prior texturing experiences I have had to use the keyboard and mouse and the mouse not only tires my hand out but limits the finesse I have when it comes to fine details.

To begin texturing, I set the workspace up with the chests UV’s and also the colour palette.  This composed of two colour sets; one for the metal sections and one for the wood sections.

Screenshot 2015-07-25 19.22.45

  Screenshot 2015-07-25 19.42.28

Once I set the base layer down I began setting the line details that would cover the seams of the UV plus display where each wooden plank was.  For the border lines I used the ‘pen’ tool as they were perfectly straight lines, but for the curved sections of wood I used the Wacom.  Using the Wacom Pen instead of the mouse made things so much easier and quicker although it certainly takes some getting used to.  I had a misconception that the Wacom tablet would display the screen for you to draw on top of, but it’s simply a touch screen.  So as you draw you have to look at the computer monitor instead of the tablet which your drawing on.

Once the wood details were down I began painting in the highlights and shadows.  It’s important to note that each paint colour has its own layer as well.  So ‘detail’ had it’s own layer, ‘highlights’, ‘shadows’, ‘wood’, ‘metal’, they each had their own layers to make editing easy and manageable.  Painting the shadows and highlights made me fully realize the importance of laying out the UV’s properly.  If my UV’s were terrible, figuring out which sections of which panels in which direction to paint highlights, shadows and any other detail I wanted would’ve been a nightmare.  This would impact the quality of the final texture and could make the model look ridiculous.

Screenshot 2015-07-25 19.23.20  Screenshot 2015-07-25 19.24.00

After all the highlights and shadows were painted for both the metal and wood sections, I then began to put some finishing touches on the texture so that the model would look more realistic and ‘pop’ more.  This included nail heads and cracks for the wood, and little divots and dents for the metal as well as some finishing highlights.  These little details was no different from the main colours and included and base colour, a highlight and a shadow.

Screenshot 2015-07-25 19.26.21

Finally after approx. 6 hours I have a pretty awesome texture, a lot more knowledge of Photoshop and some experience with my Wacom.  Even though I learnt a lot from this texture there is still so much more I want to do with texturing.  Bump maps, highlights, opacity, ambient maps are things I haven’t experienced just yet but after I finish this Treasure Chest project I intend on making a couple of models specifically to learn these methods.

The fruits of my labor, this glorious texture:

Screenshot 2015-07-25 19.26.44


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