First Art Milestone Accomplished

So it’s finally over.  My first game project where I managed all the art development is complete and boy was it an experience.  Whenever you begin something for the first time you always have presumptions and an expectation that doesn’t meet reality but despite this you still generally have a good idea of what your in for.  I can safely say I got my ass handed to me on this one.  I truely had no idea of what I was really in for when i put my hand up to handle all the art needed for the game.  I knew the assembly line required to make art assets like Conception > Modelling > Unwrap > Texturing > Exporting > Finalize, but I was completely naive of the processes within each area and tragically underestimated just how much was involved in making just one art asset.

For the most part it came down to learning the various software that was the biggest obstacle.  Youtube  and Google whilst helpful wasn’t always the most useful or practical as there were numerous times I had to watch five or more video’s to learn one specific tool or process.  This would add hours to my already limited schedule.  It wasn’t until I acquired a subscription to Digital Tutors that I thoroughly learned and understood what I was doing in programs like 3DS Max and Photoshop, and that’s what you have to strive for, understanding.  It’s one thing to learn but it’s quite another to understand.

Within days of understanding how to use the various software I was able to produce assets that were greatly improved on my first attempts and in less than a quarter of the time.  I feel incredibly proud of myself in this first step as this is the first time I’ve used these programs and my improvement already is easy to see.  I have surprised myself by how much I’ve enjoyed undertaking the art side of game development.  Even after many hours in front of the computer I’m not tired or exhausted as I am with scripting and I have much more to show for it as well.  Normally with scripting I waste hours on a bit of code only for it not to work and my time be wasted.

However this is just the first step for me.  The assets I’ve produced thus far have gotten the job done but barely scratch the surface of how far I can take this.  There’s so much more I want to learn, understand and improve upon.  The next project has already been given to us and once again I’ve put my hand up to handle the art side of development.  My main goal with this particular project is to produce more detailed models and textures so that the game looks more cohesive and consistent.  I think I might attempt to make a scene in Unity as well to perhaps reverse engineer various art assets and artistic thinking.

Below are pictures of some of the art assets I produced in this first milestone.  Hopefully you can see the improvement:


Security Camera  >  Screenshot 2015-03-17 21.07.14


CameraIdeas CameraMk2  >

Screenshot 2015-04-03 16.13.50   Screenshot 2015-04-03 16.14.01


Spotlight  >  Screenshot 2015-03-17 21.08.39


Spotlights  Final Spotlight >

Screenshot 2015-03-22 16.07.19  Screenshot 2015-03-27 16.46.25


Screenshot 2015-03-17 21.08.55


Screenshot 2015-03-22 16.49.38  >  Screenshot 2015-03-27 16.39.33


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