Concept Improvement

After my last attempt at concept sketches.  It was pretty clear they were awful.  It wasn’t just my beginner level skills at drawing, but more importantly that my concepts didn’t portray enough information.  As a result of this the modelling process became much harder and longer as I couldn’t use my concepts at all and instead had to create them from my mind.  Whilst getting the job done, I’m determined to do a better job this time around.

I’ve redone some of the concepts from my previous attempt but not all of them. This is due to the fact some of them have been taken up by another member of my group (So they can get some of their Learning Outcomes (LO’s) done).  Of the concepts I have redone they have given me a lot of confidence in my abilities.  Already I am seeing a large improvement in not only quality but also time spent to produce these concepts.  In my first attempt, I literally wasted hours upon hours trying to think of different ideas to concept and try and put them onto paper to a recognizable level.  There were pages of horrible sketches that looked nothing like what i was thinking and ended up in the bin.

During the time I spent concepting which was just over 4 hours, i noticed that i wasn’t exhausted or worn out, in fact i was enjoying myself.  Towards the end of the 4 hours I also noticed something else, my sketches were getting better but in a very weird way.  Instead of trying to keep them as clean and tidy as possible, I was instead throwing caution to the wind and just going with the flow.  I felt ‘looser’ drawing more from my shoulder then my wrist, letting my imagination guide my pencil on the page without thinking to much about the specifics of the lines or the curves.  This for some reason was increasing the quality of my sketches, at least at an information level.  They’re still not good pieces, there’s much room for improvement but I can clearly interpret the sketches now.  They portray the information I need them to now. So this time around I can confidently say I produced Concepts that I can work with and i will begin modelling these pieces again tomorrow.

I have surprised myself a little bit with this project.  I wanted to do the art side of gaming to give me something new to do and to mainly get away from scripting for a while, but I have to admit I’m really enjoying the artistic side of game development.  Not only that but it is coming a lot more naturally to me then scripting has.  I’ve never really considered a future in art and animation as I’ve never really done it before.  Now however I’m asking myself some serious questions about my future for Game Design.

LaserField  Spotlights  Final Spotlight CameraIdeas  CameraMk2  CameraMk1


2 thoughts on “Concept Improvement

  1. Yeah, man. That’s some sizable improvement. One thing that might really help for modelling would be drawing out primitives, though. Once you’ve drawn out a satisfactory concept for the model you want to create, break it down into the basic shapes it’s comprised of. That’ll help you figure out the quickest way to create it in your modelling environment. These are fairly simple shapes, so it might not have been necessary here. Still.

    Cool stuff. Keep working.


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