Artistic Blunders

As part of a game project for my Studio class, I’ve been tasked with creating the bulk of all the art assets needed.  This is something I’ve wanted to do for a while but never really had the time for it for one reason or another.  When I haven’t been writing documents, or reading academic transcripts, I’ve been bashing my head against the wall trying to make something do what I want it to with scripting.  But despite all this I’ve finally finished what I will call, “The First Step” in my concepting and modelling experience.  Boy oh boy was my mind blown by how much I underestimated just how much was really involved in doing the job properly.

A process I thought would not take me more than 6-8 hours ended up taking me over 24.  Nothing I drew worked.  It never looked like anything I was imagining, even my stick figures were like a Picasso piece, “How is it possible to screw up stick figures?!?!…. How in the actual #%$@!!”  I was stressed, I was nearing the end of the deadline my team needed these assets, I not only expected to have these pieces finished, but I also wanted to use the final day to polish my work.  Instead I spent it just trying to finish basic geometry models.  My illusions of these gorgeous beautiful 3D assets would turn out to be nothing more than a fantasy.  The reality of just how much I overestimated my skills to draw even the most simplest of geometry was a bitter pill to swallow.  None of my 3D models used any of the conception sketches I made, instead I simply used my own imagination.

Where exactly did I fail?  Fundamentals.  With my sketches I simply blundered into them like a 5-year-old with a handful of crayons.  Proportion, Perspective and Form/Construction were all lost on me when I started and because of this I utterly failed in my concept stage which then snowballed into the modelling stage.  For the last few days when I get some time at night I’ve been practicing my sketches using some of these fundamentals and already I’ve seen a massive improvement.  The overall shape and composition of my sketches while basic, are a lot more understandable and aesthetic.  As a viewer I can easily translate what I’m seeing on the paper.

I’m curious though, just how much detail do I need to put into my concepts in order to model effectively.  Should I make my sketches similar to that of architectural pieces? or should I allow for more creative freedom in the modelling process and only focus on shape and proportions?

To be continued…

PS.  Just to give you guys an idea of my concepts + some of the respective models…. (be gentle)

Security Camera      Screenshot 2015-03-17 21.07.14

Smoke Grenade     Screenshot 2015-03-17 21.08.55

Characters  Walking   Sneak

Running  Box   Screenshot 2015-03-17 21.08.39


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