Vigilance Reflections

The Vigilance project was a good shell-shock to the system after such a long break that re-acquainted me with a lot of practices I must admit I had become rusty with.  Only having a week to complete the project forced me to think on my feet and get stuck into it which caused me to overlook a few important details.  I have a sneaky suspicion this was intended though.

During the project i reacquainted myself with the valuable art of documentation, due to the lack of it.  Whilst not a critical mistake for such a small project that only involved me, I did pay the price in the end as Vigilance’s quality suffered.  On top of this though I did learn just how valuable in-depth documentation is in relation to a project because prior to this project I haven’t used documentation to any real extent with a project.  Being as specific as possible is key as i found out later when someone had to re-create my game based upon my Concept Document.

The biggest take-away for me was definately allow more time for balancing and playtesting.  The feedback attained through playtesting exposed some weak spots in my game that I overlooked due to the fact that i had created it and knew how everything worked assuming everyone else would too.

Lastly, Vigilance certainly wouldn’t have been delivered in the state it was if i hadn’t kept a schedule for its development cycle.  Even though I have done Gantt Charts before, this was the first time i had used one for a real project and it paid off in leaps and bounds.  It kept me on time, on track and most likely saved me a lot of stress as well.


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