The Road So Far…

With the closing of week twelve the last game assessment finishes up.  A year ago, I couldn’t write a single line of code, I failed my Intro to Scripting class twice and I didn’t have much hope with scripting.  If someone said I would’ve done three basic fairly complete games in a single trimester by myself; I would’ve called them a liar.  I’ve come a long way, but I still have much further to go.

The first game assessment was a 2d Top Down shooter game that relied heavily on triggers and instantiation.  Creating some basic spawns with simple stats.  Even though it really challenged me at the time, I feel like I could recreate that entire game within a day and make it much better.  The second assessment was a first person shooter that introduced weapon systems, physics and a dreaded scoreboard system that I wont lie, still eludes my capabilities.  I was blown away by how much I take for granted in fps game.  It’s not so much the features that we gamers expect, its the feedback required to really make them work.  I spent more time on this assessment implementing feedback systems then I did on actually figuring out the game.  Then the last assessment took out all the triggers and physic systems that I had become comfortable with and introduced player input play.  Where the player has to input actions for the game states to function.  It was a very different game to code and think about logically.

All of these assessments have made a huge impact not just on my coding abilities, but more so with appreciation of just how much talent and dedication is required to make an incredible game.  It certainly puts things into perspective.


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