Memories: Cloud, Tifa?

This week has us starting on our third assessment which is a JRPG battle scene clone.  This assessment is somewhat dear to my heart as one of my most cherished games of all time is Final Fantasy 7.  The countless hours spent as a child immersing myself in a magical world full of unique creatures, heroic characters and an unforgettable story.  Unfortunately I haven’t the faintest clue how to recreate it.  Unlike the other projects, this one requires no rigidbodies, or colliders, or character controllers, or weapon scripts.  For this week I think I will attempt to tackle the generic stats for both the player characters and enemies.

Having learned from the previous project how programming life is so much easier with generic variables, I decided to make a character sheet that would encompass all the stats of the characters and enemies.  Such things like health, mp, accuracy, agility etc.  However on top of this I also randomised the stats so each run through will require different tactics.  These stats are dependent on the class of the character of which there are three: melee, mage and healer.  For the playable characters, I decided to write a script for each class, but for the 3 enemies I created a switch statement that randomised between the three classes creating not only dynamic stats, but also dynamic classes.

Next week, I’ll implement a low health system that provides feedback to the player as well as getting all the stats to display.  If I don’t have too much trouble implementing those, get started on basic attacks.


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