Second Wind: Frustrations

For this week I had to begin work on my second assessment which requires the construction of a basic first or third person shooter.  Straight away I’m eager to build a first person shooter, imagining myself creating the next Battlefield 10.  Due to G20 our build time has been reduced to 3 weeks only, so not much time but I’m still confident.  For this week I set myself the goals of constructing a Character Controller and the beginnings of an enemy system.

The Character Controller was a bit weird.  For the first time I had to consider gravity and a jumping mechanism, combined with direction and velocities using the mouse.  I was stumped.  While basic movement was easy now, directional movement with the mouse was not.  I hit a roadblock much sooner than I expected.  I wasted so much time I was forced to concede and concentrate on another assessment I had due for the week which cost me a lot of time.  Then it hit me, while I was trying frantically to somehow move forward by Vector3.up in the direction of “Mouse X”, I realised that I had to simply convert my direction to worldspace with the TransformDirection function.

With the Character Controller mostly done I then finished up the mouse controls.  I’ve run into two problems however. The first problem is I need to lock my cursor into the screen so I don’t have this external cursor constantly distracting the player, and secondly I need to stop the “Mouse Y” at certain degrees.  At the moment I can rotate my mouse a full 360 on the Y which is unrealistic and breaks any immersion the game has.

Unfortunately, due to my other assessment and the directional setbacks I experienced, I didn’t even get close to finishing what I wanted to finish this week.  Hopefully next week will be more productive.  Next weeks goals is to finish up my character controller once and for all, and implement some basic enemies.  I’m leaving my weapon systems till last as quite frankly, I’m intimidated by it.  Raycasting, loading, reloading, different weapon types, different bullet types.  I think I might dedicate a full week to it.


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